A Cup of Love (Affirmation Collection)
A Cup of Love (Affirmation Collection)
A Cup of Love (Affirmation Collection)
A Cup of Love (Affirmation Collection)

A Cup of Love (Affirmation Collection)

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Hey Sis! Self love is NOT a dirty word. It’s ojay to love yourself too.
Let this beautiful drinkware remind you to enjoy the small thing in life too.

This lovely tumbler has 32 affirmations. 

  1. My needs matter
  2. I trust myself 
  3. I am creative 
  4. I am me
  5. I am unique
  6. It’s okay to have set backs
  7. I believe in myself
  8. I am proud of who I am
  9. Selfcare is important 
  10. I am strong
  11. I am learning to love myself
  12. It’s okay to say no
  13. I am kind to myself
  14. I  have a purpose here
  15. The only approval I need is my own
  16. I am worthy
  17. I stand up for myself
  18. I am thankful for all I have
  19. I am worthy of love 
  20. I accept myself
  21. I learn from my past
  22. I am loved
  23. I am enough
  24. I will succeed 
  25. I set boundaries and respect them
  26. I am capable of reaching my goals
  27. I trust the process
  28. I feelings are valid 
  29. I am doing my best
  30. I love my body
  31. It’s okay to make mistakes

Our drinkware is printed in-house. No third party.

Available in both an 11 oz ceramic mug or 20 oz tumbler. If you would like your name added, add a $5 tip at check out.  Be sure to write the name correctly in the Special Instructions box at checkout.  TIA


**Care Instructions**

~Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

~ Tumblers ARE NOT to be put in the microwave