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Selfcare, Mental & Spiritual Health & Living Life on Purpose

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Hey Sis! You Are Important Too!

“What a creature thou art! The perfection of the Master Sculptor, void of imperfections. Your skin reminds me of everything beautiful." - Prince Richardson


A gift shop that carries gifts that promote women’s self-care, mental and spiritual health, and living life abundantly and on purpose.

Self-care is NOT selfish. It’s essential.

Self-care is essential to being whole

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"Each time you light a candle, let it be a reminder." ~Nanette

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Hi! I’m Nanette Floyd Patterson

I’m a Christian Therapist who loves to craft. I have a private counseling practice in NC where I support women and teen girls with various emotional challenges. I believe that I’ve been called to equip, encourage, and inspire women and girls of all ages. I’ve wanted a gift shop since I was in my early 20’s. This gift shop has allowed me to weave my calling and what I love together. Thank you for visiting. You can also find me on Instagram @NanetteFloydPatterson and YouTube @TheSeedPlanter.

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God bless!

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