Let's Us Pray Using God's Word: 30 Day Prayer Journal

Let's Us Pray Using God's Word: 30 Day Prayer Journal

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Do you have a beautiful and thriving relationship with the Lord? Would you like to take that relationship even deeper, while also gaining greater knowledge of His Word and developing a vibrant prayer life? Then journaling with a prayer journal is the discipline for you!

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Journaling is a beautiful discipline that can bring us closer to God every single day. The Praying the Word Prayer Journal is a 30-day journey that encourages its readers to do just that: pray the Word of God daily! Each day includes:

  • A daily Scripture reading.
  • Guided prayer and space to write down your prayers.
  • Guidance through the passages, encouraging the reader to slow down and notice what God is trying to say to you through the verse.
  • Application of the daily Bible verse and the encouragement to do some goal-setting and accountability.
  • A powerful reminder to stop and listen to God’s response to your prayers. Remember, prayer is a two-way street!
  • A place to record those people in your life you are praying for and also a place to record how God has answered your prayers.

If you journal regularly or are just starting out, this is the perfect journal for you. Simple enough for beginners yet diving deep enough for those experienced with journaling, the Praying the Word Prayer Journal fits the journey of every believer. That’s because it’s focused on diving deep into the Word of God every day: something every believer is called to do!

If you’ve never journaled before and are curious about it, you gain the following benefits:

  • A record of your time spent with God, what you’ve learned through your time with Him, and cherished memories to look back on.
  • A space to reflect on what you have learned through your daily Bible reading that day.
  • A place to make goals and hold yourself accountable for them.
  • A deeper prayer life, a greater understanding of God’s Word, and most importantly, an enriched relationship with God Himself.

Prayer journaling is a simple, easy-to-start discipline you can begin today! The power to grow closer to God while developing your spiritual life is in your hands.

Experience this 159 Page prayer journal by turning the pages here.

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