Infinitely Worthy -She Flourishes Candle (Frosted)
Infinitely Worthy -She Flourishes Candle (Frosted)

Infinitely Worthy -She Flourishes Candle (Frosted)

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When lit, let this candle remind you that you are infinitely worthy in Him.

The "Infinitely Worthy" candle from our Girls Reminded & Inspired collection. This 8.5 oz soy blend candle is a beautiful reminder of your inherent worth and limitless potential.

The frosted glass vessel features a captivating design of a woman's silhouette, her hair adorned with vibrant floral watercolor accents cascading like a waterfall, symbolizing the abundant blessings God pours out upon His daughters. The words "Infinitely Worthy" are prominently displayed beneath the image, a beautiful declaration of the value God places on you.

The calming and uplifting scent of this candle will fill your space with positive energy, creating a sanctuary where you can relax, reflect, and recharge. Light this candle as a daily ritual to celebrate your unique beauty and embrace all that you are.

Perfect for gifting or personal use, this candle is a powerful symbol of self-acceptance and a reminder that you are always enough.

This simple yet elegant candle vessel has a bamboo lid. 

Enjoy this lovely candle with a mug filled with your favorite beverage.

#Wisdom - Once you’re done with the candle, don’t throw it away repurpose the candle vessel. Find out ways to repurpose the candle vessel information page.