I Am Beautiful Mug/Tumbler

I Am Beautiful Mug/Tumbler

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 Oftentimes we expect others to tell us we’re beautiful. I believe when others tell us we’re beautiful, it’s ADDITIONAL icing on the cake (maybe the sprinkles). When we’re able to tell ourselves that we’re beautiful, the cake is prepared, baked, and has a delicious icing on it.😊 

Don’t expect others to tell you that you’re beautiful. Get in the habit of telling yourself you are everyday God allows you to see a morning.
Be responsible for your own esteem and confidence. Don’t put it in the hands of another person.

Our drinkware is printed in-house. No third party.

Available in both an 11 oz ceramic mug or 20 oz tumbler. If you would like your name added, add a $5 tip at check out.  Be sure to write the name correctly in the Special Instructions box at checkout.  TIA


**Care Instructions**

~Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

~ Tumblers ARE NOT to be put in the microwave