I Matter, You Matter

Do you think you matter to the Lord today? Reality takes time to settle in, and when it does, it changes everything.


Women are often so preoccupied with trying to compare themselves to others that they forget their value. Women are valued for more than their achievements. We are worth more than we can achieve. We underestimate how much the universe's Designer loves us. We overlook that Jesus embraces us deeply, precisely as we are, right now.

You matter because God made you.

God made you and cherished you. He smiles at you. He doesn't care how much you got done yesterday. His compassion is not conditional on your actions. That my value wasn't reliant on my accomplishments took me a long time to comprehend. I'm pleased His love is based on His magnificence, not my righteousness or my performance.

Imagine yourself just beside Jesus. Picture Him gazing lovingly at you. He doesn't care about your responsibilities. He doesn't care if you're overweight or in debt. He loves you now. “You matter,” He hushes, seeking to reach your soul.

God has good plans for you.

God assigns responsibilities to his people. He allocated gardening duties to the first husband and wife in Eden. But knowing our importance before attempting achievement gives the soul a particular order. We follow our mission after accepting our intrinsic value. Then we get to work.

Do you feel undervalued? It's possible to become more like Jesus. With Jesus' advice and insight, you can be your authentic self. What you are doing doesn't matter. Jesus' love isn't conditional on your achievements, yet He longs to assist you.

Consider the outstanding deeds God has prepared for you. Rather than staring forwards, gaze to the side. Jesus is eager to walk with you and support you each step of the journey.

You Matter Right Now

Consider Jesus in your present and future. Do you understand what he's saying? Today is important, and so are you and I. These are the sentiments I want to convey to women when I speak with them. Perhaps these remarks were beneficial to you. Reread these facts if they haven't moved you. It takes time for the truth to sink in, but once it does, it transforms everything. Yes, it does.


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